Growing the Way Nature Intended

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We Are Pioneers

We are pioneers in hemp cultivation, elevating the standards of the entire CBD industry. We are proud that our CBD products are produced without any chemicals, free of neurotoxins and heavy metals, and produced with natural sunlight and recycled living soil. Read on to learn more about what’s different about our growing process.

Low Water Usage

In our greenhouse operations, we use a closed loop agriculture system. We recycle the water we use in the growing process to ensure the lowest water usage possible.

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Sustainability is one of the central pillars of our values as a company. Everything in our process revolves around the question, “Is this sustainable?” We strive to use local sources for our needs. We prioritize keeping our carbon footprint low.

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Natural Light Source

We believe in letting nature take the reins, which is why we grow our hemp the way it was intended. We grow in an outdoor enclosed environment with natural light — here in Colorado, we have plenty of sunshine to help our hemp plants thrive.



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Naturally Grown

We like to say that we farm the way nature intended, emulating nature in all of our growing practices. That’s why we never use pesticides, chemicals, or anything artificial to grow our hemp. We are also familiar with the best practices for living no-till soil methods.

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Energy Efficiency

Because we don’t use artificial lighting, we are able to keep our growing facility energy efficient. We are intentional about our energy usage, keeping under $100,000 in energy consumption a year. This is profoundly lower than the competition, which can use more than $1 million a year.


Discovering Zoetic

Our aim is to make products that enhance the wellness of both our customers and Mother Earth. Through our environmentally friendly growing practices, we are able to create a product that you can trust and be assured you are doing your part in supporting companies that care about where we live. Browse our CBD products today.